Chaos: The Making of a New Science


Chaos (Paperback, 1987, Viking Adult)

Paperback, 360 pages

English language

Published Oct 29th 1987 by Viking Adult.

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4 star

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  • Chaos theory
  • Chaos Theory (Mathematics)
  • Science
  • Science/Mathematics
  • Chaotic Behavior in Systems
  • Science / General
  • Dynamics
  • System theory

reviewed Chaos

Strange attractors, everywhere

4 star

Strange attractors, everywhere

Chaos, by Jame Gleick is the most beautiful introduction to a field of Mathematics I have ever read. First, let's get this out of the way - Chaos is not a very "technical" book. It's first a historical account of the creation of a new field of maths, and then a science book. But that, in my …